The background picture is an image form SolidWorks FEA module, it enables us to do simulated stress analysis allowing the parts to be made lighter and often stronger. Through the stress diagram we can see exactly where to remove material without making the part any weaker. Weight is certainly a factor in making a car accelerate and corner faster. The formula for acceleration is A=Force/Mass (weight). As you decrease mass with the same amount of force, acceleration goes up. That applies to both forward acceleration and side (cornering or lateral) acceleration. As an object moves in a radius, it is accelerating towards the center of that radius. Lessen the weight and a car can corner faster.

Since we started using SolidWorks FEA in 2009, we have redesigned all of our major components on our 600cc chassis. If your chassis is older than 2010, you will want to consider upgrading your components to the newer style and lighter weight HBS components. Our cars in 2011 are 25 pounds lighter than those built in 2007.

Here is a list of some things to make your Hyper lighter.

Part Weight Information Price

Lightweight Wishbones

2.3 Lbs Lighter (for two) $75 each, these became standard in 2010
Change from 60x7 front tires to 57x6.5 tires 2.3 Lbs Lighter (for two) None
Anti-Gravity Battery 5.7 Lbs lighter than 9 amp, 9.2 Lbs ligher than 14 amp 169.99
Light Weight Nerf Bars (.049 material) 1.1 Lbs Lighter (L and R combined) $94 Right $84 Left, became standard in 2010
Remove Injector Protector Bar and Bosses 2.1 Lbs Lighter None
Eliminate Seat Adjuster Replace with Welded in Bar 1.7 Lbs Lighter None on new car $50 on Existing car
No Beadlocks (you only need on RR) 1.1 Lbs Lighter each Saves money
Light weight torsion arms 1.2 Lbs Lighter for all 4 same as old torsion arms
Internal Slider Wing 1.2 Lbs Lighter  
Light Weight Frame 4 Lbs Lighter $150
Carbon Fiber Body 6 Lbs Lighter $1225 Upgrade, $1800 Replace
Light Weight Steering Wheel 0.4 lbs Lighter $63.95
Weight Jacker Adds 2.3 Lbs  
Each Remote Shock Adjuster adds 0.5 Lbs  
Double Adjustable Shocks adds 2.7 Lbs  
Sun Visor adds 0.7 Lbs  
Mychron Adds 1.7 Lbs  
Mychron O2 Sensor adds 0.7 Lbs  
Left Front Brake adds 1.7 Lbs  
Panhard adj adds (cable adjuster adds more) 1.2 Lbs  
Traction Bar 6 Lbs  
New Light Weight Pedal Assembly 2.1 Lbs Lighter As compared to original one
Light Weight Collapsible Steering Shaft Expect 2 Lbs Lighter $174 these were standard starting in 2009
HBS Wheel Centers Expect 1 Lbs Lighter if change all 4  
LW Bladder Tank Assembly 2 Lbs Lighter Compared to Standard Bladder
LW Flush Mount Cap Compared to Raised Cap  0.5 Lbs Lighter  
Aluminum Panel Fasteners .7 Lbs Lighter for 42  .30 each (42 on Hyper)
Aluminum Rod Ends 1.1 Lbs Lighter for 16 $4.50 Each More ($10.00 Each)
Seats and Their Weight    
      Ultra Shield Full Containment .105 16.6 Lbs  
      Ultra Sheild Full Containment .080 15.5 Lbs  
      Kirkey LW Standard Seat w/ head support 12.6 Lbs  
      Kirkey Full Containment Seat 20.1 Lbs  
      CarbonTech Seat w/ brackets 15.1 Lbs