A little history, then some basics

The 600cc sprint class began in late 1990 by a gentleman by the name of Lanny Harvey from Garden City, Kansas. He took his idea and car to Pat McGrath, President of the NMMA (now defunct). However, it was not until 1992 that the class really exploded. The 600cc engine was chosen because it was and continues to be the most available engine.

Rules vary around the country and world wide. Generally a 600cc production motorcycle engine must be used. Often there are many classes: outlaw, stock, restrictor, non-wing, to name a few.

The 600cc class in the central Pennsylvania area began in 1998 and grew to the premier class that it is today. In PA we use the U6SA rules. More information can be found about the rules by clicking here.

With the larger car counts comes the demand for more power. Having a well-handling car, and good driver, and a properly tuned engine are most important. Our chassis are of course second to none, and with our state of the art dyno facility we can tune and diagnose any problem. Your job is to install, and properly maintain the the engine, fuel delivery system, the electronics, and the fuel injection.

But no one will deny that more horsepower can be an advantage. Although Hyper Racing does not do in-house work on the internals of engines, we do work with the premier engine builders. We make a seamless transition between you and the engine builder.

Many races have been won on stock engines. A lot of money does not need to be spent. Valve lash adjustment, cam timing, and a little internal clean up work can add a little extra horsepower.

Here are some general engine considerations:

We recommend Rotella-T Oil for break in. After break in on the dyno, some will replace it with Yamalube or MOTUL 10W40 Synthetic. Change it every 5 races. Break in oil is needed if the engine was just rebuilt (new rings). Make sure you use enough oil. Fill it up at least to the full mark on the oil site glass or dip stick, or a little above that point. If you are blowing oil out the overflow it is generally because the rings are not seating properly or the oil is over full. Run a crankcase breather catch can to stop oil blow out .

Spark Plugs
Use the CR9EK on the ZX-6R, GSXR, R6, and CBR RR. The CR10EK can be used, it is a cooler plug and will not melt as easy, however it will foul easier. Use the CR9EH9 on the CBR F3. Change them every 10-15 races.

Fuel System
There is an entire page dedicated to the fuel delivery system.

Use only 99.99% pure alcohol. Don’t use recycled alcohol, it can contain small fibers that can clog the fuel line and carburetors.