2" Crash Pad w/ 20" Lumbar Back Pad


The Full Back Crash Pad has a 2" shock absorbing material bottom with an 20" tall lumbar pad in a tough upholstery covering.

Adjustable for seats from 18" to 14" width and thickness. Can be easily adjusted from 2" to 1 1/2" to 1" as necessary by removing 1/2" layers.

  • 2" 802SAM Shock Absorbing Material bottom with 20" X 1" lumbar back pad composed of two 1/2" thick 802SAM material in a tough upholstery covering.

  • May reduce the risk of spinal injury in crashes. Hyper Racing realizes safety items may provide comfort and may increase protection in certain situations, however we do not endorse the effectiveness of Crash Pad or any other device in its ability toward protecting against injury or death.