Alpinestars Tech 1 Start


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The Tech 1 Start glove from Alpinestars combines professional styling with an entry-level price tag. Revisions for the 2017 model are aimed at reducing the weight and bulk of the already slim design. The suede palm patches have been eliminated, replaced with printed silicone grip material. The embroidered graphics and logos have been replaced by printing, reducing weight and eliminating many nooks and crannies where dirt can hide.

The 2-layer glove still features an outer layer of aramid fabric and an inner layer of flame-retardant cotton for comfortable protection. The back is cut from a single piece from the wrist to the fingertips to eliminate seams and excess bulk. The palm has been redesigned to eliminate the extra piece of material between the middle and ring fingers, which eliminates extra seams, bunching, and pressure points. Features a straight-cut mid-length gauntlet and elastic around the wrist for security. SFI 3.3 approved.


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