Daylube Nanoceramic Racing Grease 1 oz. Syringe


DAYLube™ is a NLGI 2 high performance lubricating grease that works amazingly well with wheel bearings or anywhere grease flings off. NanoCeramic particles act as submicroscopic ball bearings that stick to steel. These particles create a super low coefficient of friction lubricant with unsurpassed resilience and superior staying power. The formulation of this product provides exceptional resistance to extreme pressures and corrosion, operating over a broad temperature range (-40 °F to +800 °F).

DAYLube™ NanoCeramic Racing Grease provides:

  • Staying Power—extraordinary adhesion extends protection to 10 times that of other greases.
  • Shear Stability—does not soften or run out.
  • Operating Temperatures—operates in a normal range from –40° F to 800° F, and ceramic particles remain intact up to 2500° F.
  • Extreme Pressure & Anti-Wear Protection—resists EP, provides exceptional stabilitywithout using lead, antimony, chlorine, zinc, barium, etc.
  • Corrosion Resistance—resists water, steam, acid, and other chemicals.
  • High Dropping Point—maintains viscosity across full temperature range.
  • Low Coefficient of Friction—lower than PTFE greases.
  • Chemically Inert Formula—environmentally friendly.
  • Low Dielectric Constant—excellent insulator.
  • Resilience—upon cooling returns to original viscosity after reaching dropping point.

    Give DAYLube™ a try and see if you like it as much as the Hyper Team does! We use it for greasing bearings, torsion bars and steering shafts.

    Convenient, clean 1 oz. syringe can be refilled. 16 oz. tube fits a standard grease gun.