Champion Chain Lube


Champion Chain Lube
Hyper Racing has tested this chain lube on the dyno and on the race track many times in many conditions. Our tests conclude that it provides excellent lubricity and has very minimal sling off. We give it two thumbs up.

Works well with O-ring chains and roller chains and on shock adjuster cables.

It can also be used on boat control cables, linkages, trailer rollers, trailer slides, guide winches, rustproofing for storage, car doors, hood, trunk, latches, hinges, speedometer cables, distributor caps, seat guides, batteryterminals, steering linkage, and window adjusters

This 14 oz spray can of professional grade chain lube is a premium, high lubricity, lithium grease spray that works in all types of conditions. It repels water and resists heat deterioration while providing superior protection against corrosion and friction.