’08 & Up R6 EVO-A Injection with Adjustable Velocity Stacks


The EVO-A is our 600 Sprint A Class Stock throttle body electronic fuel injection system. We added the EVO-A to our EVO lineup to deliver a wider power band through the use of adjustable velocity stacks.

At lower RPMs, generally below 12,500, the stacks are down, providing a much longer intake runner length which delivers more horsepower and torque in the lower RPM range. When the stacks lift off the throttle bodies, a shorter intake track length is achieved, and a significant increase in top-end horsepower is gained (10 to 21 hp).

The Hyper Racing EVO Fuel Injection Team has spent countless hours on the dyno, tuning and testing to determine the precise length and diameter of the intake track used in this billet air box. We maximized torque, horsepower, and throttle response. 

We prefer to use the PE3 Electronics (sold separately) with this conversion. The PE3 Electronics includes data acquisition and diagnostics capabilities. This allows the user to collect data while racing. You can email the data to our tuners where they can evaluate the data and modify the map. Then you can easily input the new tune. Additionally, use of the PE3 Electronics means the user is starting with a brand new harness, sensors and ECU. We can also use the '08 & up stock R6 electronics. Read more about the PE3 Electronics by clicking here.

This kit is for the conversion only, and includes the labor to convert and the parts in the components list on this page. We require that you either send us or purchase from us the following: 

  • throttle bodies 
  • stock air box (Including the adjustable stacks and the servo motor which is part of the stock airbox assembly.) 
 The price is based on the market at the time of purchase.