Pinned 1-1/4" Wing Adjuster Motor Clamp for 600 Micro Sprint


This clamp enables the wing adjuster motor to mount to your 1-1/4"frame member. Fit the Hyper 600cc chassis.

This design uses a clevis pin with a hairpin clip through two bosses machined into the clamp body to hold the wing motor in place. This design is stronger and enables the quick removal of the wing motor when switching from winged to wingless racing.

It allows your motor to mount in almost any position on your frame eliminating bind. Changes in wing height, wing manufacturers or wing motor brands requires a different mounting position of the motor, this custom made clamp enables the wing to be mounted in the exact position needed to utilize the motors full travel without any chance of bind.

This clamp will only fit a frame diameter size of 1-1/4".


  • 1/4-20 x 7/8" SHCS (2)
  • 30-2081 Pin (1)
  • 381-106 Hair Pin Clip (1)