Fuel Forward Tank Tail with Bladder for Alcohol 6AN


For use with Alcohol only! Bladder will be ruined if gasoline is put into it, even just for flushing.

14 gallon tank with 8 gallon bladder. Includes hard plastic FF shell, FF bladder, cap assembly, nut rings, cover plate, foam tail plug, gaskets, 6AN bulkhead, pick-up hose and hardware.
Revolutionary! The Fuel Forward Tank Tail is an industry first, concepted, designed and brought to the micro sprint industry first by Hyper Racing. Mike Dicely, assisted by Jarrett Seng of RaceSeng Design, created this new ultimate tail design to get the fuel weight right where you want it: forward and lower by about 12%. Forward and lower is better, because it keeps the diminishing weight of fuel closer to the center of gravity of the car reducing the polar moment of inertia. Also, as fuel sloshes around behind the rear axle it has a whipping effect on the car as it negotiates a turn, making the car looser. Moving the fuel load of 40 pounds for a little over 5 gallons front and down will translate to better handling of a properly balanced car. If the car needs a higher center of gravity to increase bite, the car or the driver can be raised. Keeping the fuel load down and front will keep handling consistent as the fuel load decreases as the race progresses.
The fuel bladder option of this tank takes the design intent to extreme. The flexible rubber inner bladder does not occupy the back 8" of the tank, instead it is filled with energy absorbent foam. This serves two purposes, it adds a safety crush zone, and it forces the fuel even further forward. The bladder will hold a total of 8 gallons. The flexible rubber bladder is constructed from nylon fabric impregnated with rubber and then autoclaved, just as our Classic Bladder is made, thanks to the pros at Saldana. Alcohol, Lightweight Alcohol or gasoline styles are available.

This cap assembly requires the use of 92) 41-581406 9/16" O-ring Port Plugs and a 41-985068 3/4 O-ring to 6AN for the return line.

Fuel Stick Measurements for this tank:
1 gallon 1 ½ inches
2 gallon 5 in
3 gallon 9in
4 gallon 11in
5 gallon 13in
6 gallon 15 in
This is measured by making sure the stick is to the rear left furthest point, behind the shelf and to the left of the baffle.


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