9-1/4" x 1/4" Titanium Brake Rotor V2 for 600 Micro Sprint


Made from 6AL4V titanium. This product is lighter than 06-1421 which is made out of steel. This Ti rotor is thicker than the steel one to add longevity, measuring 6mm thick (.240", almost 1/4"). 

The titanium brake rotor is not only lighter than the steel rotor, but it also offers better braking when used in combination with our brake pads for titanium rotors.

Designed to make working on the X7 Jacob's ladder car a whole lot easier. Hole locations are strategically located to enable to removal of the shackle pin no matter what wheelbase or pin location you are using. It also allows access to use a socket on the brake caliper bolts for easy removal.

Fits 1-3/4” or 2" Splined Rear Axle on our 05-102 or 06-300 splined 6-bolt sprocket carrier.