3/4" x 2" x 7/16" Rod, Shackle for Rear Torsion Arm


Black Anodized. This is a little threaded rod that connects two 7/16" rod ends together for making a long left rear shackle. This long shackle is standard on 2011 and newer Hyper 600cc chassis. It positions the left rear torsion arm at the correct angle for the correct spring rate.

If you own a Hyper 600cc chassis that is older than 2011, you should purchase this piece with the corresponding rod ends (1) 71-CML7 (1)71-CMR7 (1)70-325 and (1) 70-326.

To make the correct length of 4" to be used on the 07 and up Hyper 600, you will need to cut 1/4" off each rod end or else they will not thread in far enough.