No need to predict the future, you can see it right here

The Hyper Lightning Sprint is a 1000cc engine in an upright chassis (driver sits upright, like in a midget and full size sprint car) using 13" diameter wheels and a 16 sq' wing. Features:

  • An adjustable sliding engine mount system makes gear changes easy and gives the ability to maintain perfect chain tension
  • Custom, lightweight rear bearing carriers
  • Front mount radiator that will cool like no other mini sprint does
  • Maximum offset engine by rule. Competitors do not offset their engines as much as they could, and for good reason. It makes the frame much harder to manufacturer. We are going the extra mile.
  • Z-link rear suspension with inboard brake floater for optimum handling and braking. Lightning Sprints have a high center of gravity that pairs well with the lack of anti-squat the Z-link geometry provides.
  • 12” Jacob's ladder to position the roll center correctly. (Competitors just go the cheap way and use a 14” sprint car Jacob's ladder.)
  • Fuel forward tail and bladder system will achieve proper weight distribution
  • Includes Hyper’s custom valved shocks and 35 years of dirt track setup experience
The 2019 Hyper Lightning Sprint incorporates new cage gussets to support the roll cage, and it uses our new upper seat belt bar and seat mounting system.


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