Ask the question then look for answers

Being an engineer, I am the type of person who questions everything. And when it comes to God, I have questioned him, his existence; I have been a doubter at times.

I grew up a Christian; my parents took me to church almost every Sunday. I can always remember praying for God to get me through tough situations, I remember one time praying for him to get me out of this fight I was supposed to have with a bully in my 6th grade class he wanted to beat me up. I prayed and God pulled through, He told me how to treat the bully, to do what Jesus would do, I did and he became my friend. It’s not like I actually heard God talk out loud, but more like he forms the thoughts, and you can just tell it is God, because the message is so clear, right after I was very confused and didn’t know what to do. That was the first time I remember thinking “hey, this guy, this energy, really knows what it's doing”

I also see God in the world around us. I went to college to get an engineering degree, entering college I still had doubts about God. After college I threw away a lot of those doubts, first of all because of all the stupid things I did and how God was always there to protect me. I still do some reckless things. I know I would be dead without a guardian angel or whatever he does to protect me and show me the way. But also after learning all about the world, physics, biology, the universe, there is no way that this whole universe, this whole system could be a coincidence, there has to be a designer. Even with all that we know about this universe about the way things work about the incredible design that we have already seen, there is 10 billion times more that we don’t know. Multiple universes, 10 different dimensions, quantum mechanics, we haven’t even scratched the surface about how the brain works, let alone how our race car works within the dirt and how to get maximum bite. We know almost nothing. There has to be a designer for this whole system to work the way it does.

I question everything. And when it comes to God, I have questioned him, his existence. But God always has the answers for me, he always points me in the right direction when I pray for his help, even sometimes when I don’t pray, he shows me the way. Many people ask me what is the secrete to success for my business, I would love to take the credit, but their have been many, many times when I have asked him for guidance, when I would think that financially we were not going to make it, he always has shown us the way out. We owe all the glory to God.

The success of Hyper Racing is the result of Gods work in the lives of Christy, myself, and our employees.

 Go ahead and question God, ask him for answers to your problems, ask him what your purpose is and how you can make your life a lot more worth living, and see if he doesn’t show you. Pray for the answers and then look for the answers, you will find them but you must be looking for them and they might not be the answers you were hoping to find.