Roll Bar Padding

August 27, 2019
Our new Roll Bar Padding is SFI 45.1 rated and comes in Red, Blue and Black. The SFI rated padding is stiff and made from high density foam which is excellent for energy absorption. It is not soft where you can squeeze it. With soft padding, your helmet will compress the padding very quickly to the point you'll be in contact with the cage member. This is not good.

Recommended for use on all race chassis where the helmet may strike the roll cage.

SFI 45.1 Rated Roll Bar Padding has been proven to lessen impact forces transmitted to the head.

Designed for installation between the helmet and the roll bar. It is intended to cover only one side of the bar (the side between the bar and your helmet).

The half-round "C" shape covers one side of a tube between 1-1/8" and 1-1/2" diameter (Hyper's 600cc roll cage diameter is 1-1/4"). The inside surface is lined with a peel-and-stick adhesive. We recommend backing up this adhesive with a few zip ties.

One 3 foot length is included, the second one in the picture is to show the shape. Here are links to the item in our store:

90-400 Is our Black Padding

90-401 is the Blue

90-402 is the Red

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