Adjustable upper seat clamps

February 17, 2019
On our 2019 X7 600 Sprint Chassis, we have added an adjustable upper seat belt bar and adjustable seat clamps.

The adjustable upper seat clamps makes mounting the back of the seat much easier. These unique clamps fit a 1" tube, rotate around the front bolt to fit the angle of the seat and they can rotate around the vertical tube to match the shape of the seat. They are available in three different lengths to accommodate different forward seat positions to move the driver closer or further away from the steering wheel. They can accommodate our different length standoff spacers for our chain block to provide even more for and aft positions.


Our new Seat Belt Bar can be raised up or lowered down in order to locate the shoulder belts at the correct height, level with the drivers shoulders. As your driver grows, or you change drivers, this bar can be adjusted to fit. The upper seat belt bar is a safety update as most of the welded in upper seat belt bars are not in the correct spot. The shoulder belt upper bar should be located even with the drivers shoulders for maximum protection.


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