Hyper Racing has the greatest customers in the world! 

This page is dedicated to our customers in Australia. If you race a Hyper Chassis in Australia or New Zealand and you want to be immortalized on this page, please send us your high quality pictures and some words to go with them. Send to mike@hyperraicng.com.

Our story in AU really got going back in 2006 when Ben Devlin won the Australian Nationals in his Hyper 600cc Chassis. Before this race, the Formula 500 class, as they call it, was dominated by 500cc 2-stroke engines. And it just so happens that Hyper Racing had the first 500cc across the line as well with Michael Wise behind the wheel. After this race, the transition began from the 2-stroke engine to the 600cc engine. Hyper Racing has been on top of the wave of the micro sprint 600cc class in AU thanks to our many great drivers.

Mike's Trip to Australia
in 2009, I made a trip to Australia to race the famed Oval Express Series. It is similar to our speedweek with lots of racing in a short amount of time. I prepared my car and shipped it over in a crate. Dave Hedington and Wayne Moller hooked me up with a crew and transportation. I did not know what I was in for. Here is more about my trip.


Hyper Racing Australia

Hyper Racing Australia/Dave Hedington
Malaga WA
+61 8 9248 2525
0417 900 858

 Our presence in AU would not be nearly as strong if it were not for one major king pin, Dave Hedington. Dave owns and operates Hyper Racing Australia, located in Perth (West Australia). Not only is Dave a really nice guy, but he knows how to fabricate and wrench on a car as well. Before Dave was associated with us, he built his own brand of chassis called Track-Rite. Here is how Dave was sold on Hyper:

Ben Devlin (driver) and David Hedington (car builder) came over from Australia with an engine and shocks to bolt in my back up car and race the best in the US. The real eye opener for them was not only how many parts Hyper has on the shelves but also the size of our tracks. We started them off at Path Valley, when they saw the track they called it a really small track. Then we went to Lanco Saturday and they were speechless. The intensity and speed of the small track after the 600cc feature persuaded Dave to say “that was the best racing I have ever seen anywhere!” Then we were off to Arkansas to race the $10,000 race on a track that was more their size.

They did very well racing and had a good time. On the plane ride home,

Dave realized he needed to find a way to become our dealer in AU.

Charlie and Kristin Brown

Kristin (20) is in her 3rd year of 600cc sprint racing while Charlie (18) is in his second. Both have enjoyed a lot of success in the Junior Sedan division and both have feature wins in the 600's. They are based out of Queensland. Kristin works at the family business Aussie Track Wear. Charlie works at the Shock Doctor building race shocks.

Marcus Kelly

Marcus is a new customer with Hyper mini sprint in 2011, but his racing team consists of two brand new Hypers (one panhard bar and one Jacob's ladder and they already have 3 wins between them. Marcus is joined by Matthew Redpath as the other team driver. The team is based out of Devonport, Tasmaina, a small island just south of Australia.

Craig Munday is the wrench behind the scenes, he has many years experience on full size sprints.

Tim Napper

Tim drives a Hyper 250cc 2-stroke micro sprint. Napper Motorsports is based in Yatala, Queensland and predominantly races in the south east corner of Queensland at tracks that vary in size from Brisbane International Speedway, clay 400 meters to Lockyer Valley Speedway’s very fast granite 520 meters. After driving other brand chassis, Tim loves his Hyper because they are easy to set up. he builds wings, panels and crash bars on the side.

Brian and Luca Cox

Brian and Luca Cox are one of very few Father and Son racing teams in Australia. Luca (19) has a brand new 2011 chassis with a 2003 R6, while Dad Brian (55) has a 2007 Chassis (2006 R6) especially modified to deal with injuries received in a 1975 Motorcycling accident. "We just love our Hypers, the after sales service and the input from Mike is second to none".  Based in the "Country Music Capital of Australia" Tamworth, it helps keep the Hypers on song