it is amazing to see the community at work.

Racing is one of the greatest sports/activities on the planet. We have developed communities that envelope relationships with one another that rival the best societies on earth. Within the racing community we gather together not only to race, but to engage with our friends and just enjoy the best times of Life. When someone has problems of any kind, it is amazing to see the community at work. I am proud to be a part of it, to use it to learn how to better live my life, how to be a better person, to use my God given talents and knowledge to help keep the community thriving.

This Community section of our website is dedicated to you, the racing community. Check out all the links on the navigation bellow. The Forums give you a place to chat and ask our experts here at Hyper any technical (or non-technical if you so desire) question you like.

Racing, or Speedway (as in “Let’s go to Speedway”) as they call it, is alive and well in Australia. It is a really cool thing to know that you can travel to the complete opposite side of the planet and dirt track race on a different continent in a different culture, almost exactly the same as here in the USA. The community is as passionate and supporting as anywhere. I was blessed with the opportunity to go there and race.