Mike Dicely
Currently Racing:
 600cc, Lightning Sprints
Racing Experience: 
600cc, Asphalt 600cc, 270cc, 1000cc, 125cc, Midgets, TQ Midgets

During his 33 year micro sprint racing career, Hyper Racing President and Co-Owner, Mike Dicely has won over 325 features and eleven point championships. Mike earned his bachelor’s degree in Industry and Technology in 1988 and then worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer for seven years. Mike researches, develops and designs all of our chassis and components. He provides technical support on the phone, by email, on our website, and at the track. He is our Lead Engine Tuner and he manages the Hyper Technicians in fuel injection R&D. 

J.D. Esh

J.D. Esh is our general manager. He acts as the link between fabrication and fulfillment and orchestrates the chassis delivery schedule. This is no easy feat considering the many options available on each build, but J.D. makes it all happen so that your car is just like you want it. J.D. began in racing as crew chief for his brother, Doug Esh, helping him achieve his 410 sprint car goals. J.D. continues to play a vital role as motivational coach and advisor for his nephews, Jared and Tyler Esh. J.D. is a great resource for beginning and experienced teams alike.

Christy Dicely

Vice President and Co-Owner, Christy Dicely designs and produces all of our print advertising and catalogs, assists with our website and serves as our marketing manager. 

Jim Radney
Currently Racing: Midgets, 600cc
Racing Experience:
 Midgets, 600cc, 270cc

Jim Radney began his Hyper Racing journey as a Hyper Chassis owner/driver and dealer in New York. When we were looking for someone in customer service and technical support, we knew we just had to make him part of the home team. Jim takes phone orders, answers technical questions and manages the fulfillment team. Jim has driven every style of car we build which makes him uniquely qualified to answer your questions. He’s also a successful racer with a 2018 win on prelim night at the Big Dance. Jim will travel with the Hyper Factory Support Trailer and race his #95 600cc this summer.

Austin Quick
Currently Racing: 600cc
Racing Exp
erience: 600cc, 1000cc

Austin Quick pulled up stakes from Arizona and joined the team to help with ordering and receiving inventory, rebuilding shocks, and providing customer support. If you like the videos on, you have Austin to thank. A second generation driver, Austin started racing with a home built kart at age 4 and began in micros at 14. He has raced wingless 360 sprints, midgets,and micros. He plans to race whatever, whenever, while spreading the joy and love of racing and giving back to our sport and community! Austin’s 2018 accomplishments include a 9th place finish in U6SA points and back-to-back feature wins at Linda’s Speedway. Look for Austin’s #28 600cc and the Hyper Factory Support Trailer at a track near you. 

Jason Shade

Jason Shade is our veteran in the shipping and receiving department. He also assists with customer service on the phone and at the counter. He makes sure orders are packed perfectly for shipment on a daily basis and manages our large freight deliveries such as frames and chassis. Outside his time at Hyper, Jason continues on his quest to visit every race track in the country, which currently stands at 94.

Kylie Glatfelter

Whether you talk to her on the phone, at the shop or at the track, Kylie Glatfelter greets you with a smile and a can-do attitude. She works with the shipping and customer service teams. Kylie also manages the designs and inventory of our apparel line. She travels with the Factory Support Trailer on Wednesdays to Action Track USA and helps with the #95. 

Chris Snyder
Racing Experience: 358 Sprints, 600cc, 270cc, 250cc 4-Stroke, Karts

Chris Snyder builds the frames, fabricates all of the sheet metal, designs and fits fiberglass body panels and assembles rollers. Chris also handles repair jobs and custom fabrication. Attention to detail is second to none with Chris Snyder. When he’s not working on the 600cc Sprints, Chris leads the quarter midget division of Hyper Racing. Chris spends his Saturday nights at Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway, wrenching on the Snyder-owned, #83 driven by Heath Hehnly.

Brian Carber

Currently Racing: 600cc, 360cc Sprints
Racing Experience: 410 Sprints, 360 Sprints, 305 Sprints, 600cc, Slingshots, Quarter Midgets

Brian Carber works side by side with Mike Dicely on the Hyper Fuel Injection Technology Team. Brian handles dyno testing, fuel injection conversions and wiring harness conversions. His natural mechanical ability and energetic attitude is a perfect fit for us. He is a third generation driver who began in quarter midgets at age 5. He has also raced slingshots, 305’s, 360’s, and 410’s. Carber’s 2018 career highlights include winning the 600cc Non Wing World Championship, the Wingless 600 Fair Nationals, and the Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway Labor Day Shootout. Carber will be a part of the Hyper Racing Factory Support Team in his #41 600cc. 

Bill Simco
Racing Experience: 600cc

Bill Simco joined the welding team and he hasn’t lifted the pedal yet! With 15 years of professional welding experience, Bill is a real asset to the Hyper welding and fabrication department. Bill is responsible for keeping all of our welded components on the shelves. Nerf bars, wing uprights, shifter handles, front axles, you name it, it’s all in stock, on time and done right, thanks to Bill.

Michael Fauci
Currently Racing: 600cc
Racing Experience: 600cc, Quarter Midgets

Mike Fauci has been welding since he was 12 years old and he holds two welding certifications. Mike comes to us from Rochester, New York from a racing family. He has been racing for 16 years. He started in karts and has several WKA National and Grand National wins. Mike fields his #35m, #95m, #17m, and #38m 600cc micros at tracks locally and at select national events. He occasionally travels home to assist his brother Nick at Limerock Speedway.

Chase Donley
Currently Racing: 600cc
Racing Experience: 600cc

Chase Donley began by coming in to help out every day after school and his dedication was rewarded when we invited him to join the team as a full time welder and fabrication assistant. Chase is a hard worker and a quick learner. He races the #15D 600cc at Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway.

Mason Chaney
Currently Racing: Legends
Racing Experience: Legends

Mason Chaney, our newest Team Member, comes to us with a wealth of welding experience and he is ready to put it to use building race cars. He currently races Legends and has earned 18 wins, a state championship, and a national championship in three years. Yes, we are busting on him for racing a car with fenders!