We have no secrets, we are blessed so that we may bless others

Hyper Racing has many experts. Any one of these guys will answer your questions. You may ask a question for any one of us to answer or direct a question to a specific person. If you consider yourself an expert on a subject, or just want to chime in on the discussion, please feel free to reply.

Go to http://forum.hyperracing.com/  to call upon our knowledge.

Ryan Greth is the clear expert on 600cc fuel injection and engine diagnostics, and he isn't too bad with the chassis stuff either. Winner of the 2010 Pro Series Circuit in PA,  Ryan is an established racer and a true champion. He is the ultimate representative with the way he helps customers at the track. He currently races 600's and midgets.

Mike Dicely is a man of many hats. As a result of his 35 year micro sprint racing career, and an engineering degree, knowledge overflows in his cup.

JD Esh did not get to be the general manager of Hyper by learning about ballet. Many of you have benefited by one of his phone counseling sessions on many topics of racing.

Chris Snyder answers questions regarding 2-stroke engines, chassis repair, sheet metal, and fabrication. He also is the designer and tech support guy for all the quarter midget inquires. He tends to answer some of the setup and comfort questions for the big guys. (Chris is 6'3" and we dont know his weight, he will not tell us.)

Stan Fleming has his own posse of customers who go to him for help. Some seem to get addicted to his style of chassis setup. A member of our welding team and can perform any kind of fabrication.

Jason Shade has truly grown in his knowledge as he helps many customers per day and has his own little following as well. He is one of the phone guys here and truly has an eye for extreme detail.

Austin Quick rebuilds shocks in house and races the Lightning Sprint house car. He occasionally races 600's and has a long carreer racing 600's in Arizona.

Brian Erb Leads our welding department and crews on our house midgets.

Bill Simco is the quiet one with his head under the welding helmet. While he works circles around Mike, he still finds time to have been on many racing crews, Cody Darrah and  Ryan Greth to name two.