Hyper Adjustable Pedal Assembly


Our adjustable pedal assembly offers the following features:

  • Safety first as the center positioned pedal stem keeps the driver’s ankle from thrusting under the pedal plate. The side style stem (which virtually all other micro sprint pedals are) can causing broken ankles in a hard-forward impact.
  • Adjustment of both pedals to be moved front or back as far as you need in minutes. This adjustment is needed for different height/size drivers or for a young driver who is still growing.
  • Adjustable throttle pedal throw provides a quick or slow pedal feel.
  • Adjustable pedal pads can be moved up, down, left or right. Fits feet of any size or shape.
  • Adjustable foot stop can be moved up, down, left or right to make your feet comfortable.
  • Adjustable pedal stop eliminates stressing or stretching the throttle cable.
  • Beautiful machined billet aluminum.

  • 11-1/8" overall width.Master cylinder is sold as an option add on, click on the option below to add the master cylinder and update the price.


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