• Hypers Love Asphalt

    12/19/2010 -

    Hyper Chassis have a reputation for being a very versatile car. So versatile they can even win on asphalt. 

  • New! Bearing for 2" Rear Axle

    12/8/2010 -

    We just received our stocking order for the new 2" bearing for the 2" rear axle. This is a custom made double wide angular contact bearing with a grease fitting groove made to fit the 2" rear axle using a splined insert. This is a must have if you run a 2" rear axle as the normal bearings are only lasting around 15 races. $39.00, please call the shop to order.

  • 2010 Hyper 270cc Dominates

    11/14/2010 -

    Mike Rutherford has been nothing but dominant in his new 2010 Hyper down tube 270 chassis. In his limited race schedule this season in the Ken Kaylor owned car, Mike has seven wins, one 2nd and one 3rd place finish. These results must also be coupled with the 12th place starting position that Mike has to start in from not having a point average. Mike stated “this car drives off the turn incredible and I can pass people at will”. 

  • New! Beanies...Be Cool, Stay Warm

    11/2/2010 -

    New beanies are here! They are available in gray or black. Soft, fine gauge knit skull cap fit. Excellent looking in our opinion. $15.00 each. Be cool and stay warm.

  • California's Chris Hinkle

    10/16/2010 -

    Chris Hinkle, who is just 20 years of age, won his first race in a Hyper in just 7 races. He races Delta Speedway in Stockton, CA in a land where he is the only Hyper Chassis. Keep up the great work Chris.

  • I-30 Nationals

    9/23/2010 -

    I just got back from the I-30 Nationals (9/27)in Little Rock, AR. Awesome race track, many grooves 90% of the time. I ended up 2nd in the big race, congrats to Joe B Miller on the win. I love meeting racers from all over the country. The sport is alive and well.
    Thanks to Caleb Martin for making the Hyper Jacobs Ladder car look so good. The first thing Caleb said when he got out of my car was "man, this thing has great breaks, I can barely get my car to slow down". A testimate to our new HBS front brake caliper and Tilton master cylinder.

  • Congratulations to Heath Hehnly

    7/22/2010 -

    Heath won the PA 600 speedweek points series. This week long event containing 6 races in 8 nights averages 60+ cars per event. Heath is also coming off huge wins at the $5,000 to win POWRi race in Macon, IL, and the $2,000 to win race in Clarksville, TN. We are very blessed to have Heath work for us here at Hyper Racing. Next time you call, be sure to tell him that he is the greatest!

  • Photodex Show

    7/2/2010 -

    Photodex Show
    Mike Zortman took the time to make a presentation for Hyper Racing after his photoshoot with us a couple weeks ago for the new catalog. Click here see the show

  • PA Speedweek... For the Extremely Passionate Only

    6/14/2010 -

    If you don't like eating dirt for dinner, getting 3 hours of sleep, or working your butt off just to watch the race from the stands...stay at home. What an incredible week. Dan Little and Tripp Kone deserve all the credit for the idea of speedweek and all the effort they put into it. Three of the nights my head hit the pillow at 5:00am, I would do it again in a heartbeat. If Linda's would not have gotten rained out, it would have been 8 nights in a row. We all needed that night off to prepare us for what was about to happen on Saturday night. The best racing you could see anywhere, all night long at LANCO. Congrats to Robbie Kendall and Brent Marks on the speedweek championship.
    I hear the cooks are brewing up a bigger and better speedweek for next year, I can't wait, just let me sleep a little first.

  • The Race For Life

    5/17/2010 -

    On May 29th and 30th I will attend the Race For Life at Belle-Clair Speedway in IL, near St Louis. This is a POWRi race and has become one of the most prestigious races of the summer. Go to www.theraceforlife.com for more information. The race is a benefit for the Michael Ross Foundation, go to www.michaelrossfoundation.com for more information.

  • Need a Gift?

    5/13/2010 -

    Racers love to get Hyper gift cards under the tree. Available in any amount and we offer free USPS shipping on the gift card.
    Click here to order a gift card.

  • East Lincoln Speedway

    4/23/2010 -

    Southern bar-b-q y'all?
    We raced here this past weekend. I love getting out to see other race tracks, seeing our customers that I don't normally get to see, and enjoy relationships with others. Great race track, facility and weather. This area should boom with micro sprint racing with such a good thing they have in East Lincon Speeday.

  • 2011 Hyper 600cc Preview

    4/2/2010 -

    We have made a huge addition to the 2011 Hyper Chassis line up.
    Are you sitting down?
    A completely new design frame and suspension will be added to our 2011 600cc stable. I say "added" because we are still going to build, promote, and race our proven dominating 600cc chassis design. The new option will be a w-link/Jacobs ladder design. That’s right, two different chassis designs will be available for 2011. Both designs have their advantages; we just want to dominate in every arena.

    Our Hyper w-link design is superior

  • First Time?

    3/31/2010 -

    Congratulations to Ryan Morris on his double victory this weekend in the brand new 2010 Hyper Racing Quarter Midget. He took wins on Saturday at Oak Lane in the Light 160 and again on Sunday at Honeybrook in the Sr. 120. Way to go Ryan!

  • Trail-Way Opener

    3/22/2010 -

    Congratulations to Tyler Walton on winning Trail-Ways opener on Saturday. Don't ever say green is a bad luck racing color, by the way Tyler man handled the field Saturday, I may be painting my car green soon.

  • The Rebirth of Nature, and Restoking the Fire

    3/12/2010 -

    Spring, the rebirth of nature, is so reviving. A long harsh winter only makes spring that much more welcome. To watch the seamlessly dead trees and plants come to life is pure miracle. Life is never better than now.
    It shows by how much our phone is ringing that racers have gotten the itch and are ready to go. Must be race season!
    I went for my first long bicycle ride of the season today, it felt so good, although I need to get in shape! Feeling the warm air blow across my skin brings chills to my soul. Passion and desire burn again, I am ready to go!

  • Kassidy Michael puts the Hammer Down in the Hyper Quarter Midget

    3/10/2010 -

    Quarter Midget Racing has a bright star in eight-year-old Kassidy Michael from Manheim, PA. Kassidy's dad, Matt, took her to her first race when she was five. She wanted to race. Of course Dad's eyes lit up (he is a former racer)!
    Kassidy is currently in her third year of Quarter Midget racing. Her home track (asphalt) is in Honeybrook, PA (DQMRC) where she competes with her Hyper Quarter Midget in Jr. Honda (currently leading the points) and Lt. 160. She also races dirt at Linda's Speedway where she competes in Sr. Honda and Lt. 160 classes. She has also raced at many other tracks.

  • The Hyper Rig

    2/3/2010 -

    We sold our old truck and trailer and purchased a 2002 Freightliner (8' box) with a 2000 32' Gold Rush trailer. We got a real good deal on this unit and although it needed a lot of cleaning up, it looks almost like new. Look for an all white rig this year.

  • Williams Wins In His Hyper AU Debut, and his second & Third race too!

    12/25/2009 -

    Liam Williams won his first and second time out in his Hyper Chassis on last Saturday at Adelaide Speedway and this Saturday at Hamilton Speedway. Congratulations to Liam, John, Shane and the crew of the #62. We are proud of you!

  • 600’s: A Class for the Intelligent

    8/11/2009 -

    I think we have the most underrated racing of any class. People ask me why I don't move "up" ?? "Up?" I ask. 410's, 358's, midget's, or dirt modifieds, the 600 sprints have as good, and I would argue a lot better Competition than any. Our multi groove racing, talent of drivers, and now the money we race for rivals or exceeds any of these classes. When you look at the money we spend vs. the money we win, it is a no brainer why I am in the 600 sprint class.
    If I wanted to make a living at racing or be a NASCAR driver, I would need to be in Indiana or down south racing on asphalt , or get one of the two 410 rides that pays enough to live on.

    That brings me to another point. To help drivers get to the next level and to capture a broader fan market, we need to get a high banked 1/5 mile asphalt track in central PA to run 600's on. There is a huge market for racers and fans for this type of racing. I have not raced on asphalt a lot, but my experience on it tells me it is a lot more fun than what most dirt track racers think, and to break into any form of broad marketable racing, and get big sponsor dollars, it needs to be on asphalt. Let's face it, most people don't like going to dirt tracks to eat dirt, suck dust , and stay out until midnight. I know it is something we all like to brag about, but most sane people would rather be home by 9:00 and not have to blow dirt balls from their nose during church the next day. Dirt tracks can't start their races at a decent time or the track will dry out too quick from the sun, not a problem with asphalt. Lets promte our class to other forms of racing, let them see what we are all about. Maybe a promoter and big sponsors will follow.

  • Winning

    4/16/2009 -

    Every customer and every run is important and special to us. Winning always gets the most recognition and it is vital to the continuing success of our business. We put extreme focus on developing and supplying the best micro sprints possible. To parallel the focus on winning we also believe the most important part of our existence is far above winning, that is that the destination of winning should have nothing to do with feeding our egos but rather a journey to bring us together as a community, to strengthen our relationships. Winning is what we are trying to achieve, but it is what happens in the presence of now that matters.
    That brings me to two special victories this weekend. Frank Jarkiewicz won the 40 lap Schneider Memorial Race at Limerock Speedway after he crashed, and went to the rear. Frank is a real racer that has not won a whole lot lately. He has been racing for a long time and he races for the right reasons, he enjoys the journey. We salute your win Frank and more so your grip on life.
    Another win we need to recognize this weekend is Alex Bright's victory at Lanco. He started fifth and passed Mike Rutherford and a strong Heath Hehnly in open track to totally dominate the 45 car field. This came after leading the field at Linda's the night before in dominating fashion only to have his left rear wheel fall off with three to go. This racing family of two brothers 17 year old Alex and 16 year old Brenden are sure to be leaders where ever they go. It is great to see a family being strengthened by racing.

  • 2009 Prepare to Win Seminar: A Manual for Life

    4/9/2009 -

    Our 2009 prepare to win seminar(s) were well attended with sellout crowds in all 5 of the events. We tried a different approach this year breaking the students up into 5 groups and having semainars for 5 straight Saturdays. The participants got more out of it as they were able to ask more questions and have more 1 on 1 time with Mike (me). Each seminar lasted about 3 hours. Although some peoples butts got sore, all the feedback proved that it was time well spent.

    I have been doing these seminars for 15 straight years, and what amazes me is how

  • Australian Racing Experience

    1/23/2009 -

    Racing, or Speedway (as in “Let’s go to Speedway”) as they call it, is alive and well in Australia. It is a really cool thing to know that you can travel to the complete opposite side of the planet and dirt track race on a different continent in a different culture, almost exactly the same as here in the USA. The racers greeted me with absolute open arms, especially the group of 18 or so people that were part of our crew/entourage.

    Wayne Moller and Dave Hedington (owner of Hyper Racing Australia) headed up.....Read the entire awesome article and see pictures.

  • Tulsa Shootout

    1/9/2009 -

    The Tulsa Shootout, where prestige is everything. 585 600cc micro entries 5 classes, 140 cars in the multi (outlaw) class, 180 in the non-wing class and 165 in the stock engine class. Mike Dicely made it to the multi final B main, one away from the qualifying spot and the guy in front of him spun resulting in a flat tire. In the 600 Stock Class, he got into the A (a feat in itself), someone spun and Mike got another flat. Steve Buckwalter drove the non wing car, won everything up to the A main, started 17th in the A and first lap a big crash ensued in front of him, he had no where to go, you guessed it, a 3rd FLAT TIRE! Steve looked great in the Hyper. In an event of this magnitude one position in the heat race or qualifier race using the sprint bandit format could mean the difference between qualifying for the A main and struggling through the c main.

    Coming in for the first time in 9 years, Mike had to learn the way the track changes and exactly how to drive that type of clay. The track prep was incredible with something being done between every race, it may have just been a little water up top, or a complete tilling of the whole track. The track was almost always racey with multi groove passing. Our pit area at Tulsa was all Hyper with 18 Hypers, it was great to pit in one big group. We had 30 Hypers total in the event. You could just feel the Hyper love. We were able to meet lots of new friends and re-connect with many of our old ones. It was great to have Jeff Foster back with us. Jeff is from the Tulsa area, and he just volunteered to meet up with us and give us a hand with the cars, and does that boy work! We had Jeff's help in Port City in 2007 and it was great to meet his beautiful family this time through. Here are a couple sites where you can get some Tulsa action:
    Click here for Tulsa Action
    More Tulsa Action
    Full results can be found here:

  • Molly Dicely 1996-2008…Our Dedicated Friend

    12/21/2007 -

    Molly was our family's dog for 12 1/2 years. She was the most loyal, protective and fun-loving dog a man could ask for. She was a major part of Hyper Racing for the first 8 years, being at the shop with us, going to every race, pestering every customer for one good rub. She was suffering from cancer to the point where walking was not possible. We had to have her put to sleep. It was the hardest and saddest thing we ever had to do. We were with her until the last breath. It seems selfish to dwell on a dog's death with all the other more relevant tragedy and suffering in the world. It makes me realize how we need to appreciate life for what it is, a gift from God that can be taken away at any moment.

    Birth is as celebrated as death is sad. With Molly’s death went a part of our happiness that will never be replaced. We will miss you Molly and will always celebrate the joy and happiness you brought to our lives.

    Molly and my daughter Madison 12/2/07

  • HBS -6 Fuel line 50% off!

    12/31/1899 -

    For 1 week only, the -6 HBS fuel line is discount by 50%. Retail is $6.90, the sale price is $3.45! Sale ends Feb 28th. Sale is available online only.

  • Hyper's Special Offer

    12/31/1899 -

    Shop Hyper Racing online and get a hip LED magnetic, bendable flash light for free (a $20 value) or save $12.00 with any order of $100 or more.

  • 10% off

    12/31/1899 -

    10% off any online order from now through January 3, 2012! Promo Code: ONLINE2012

  • Website Maintenance

    12/31/1899 -

    We are currently doing some scheduled Website Maintenance. The online store will be temporarily unavailable. Thank you.

  • 2014 Prepare to Win Seminar Saturday, March 8

    12/31/1899 -

    On Saturday, March 8, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. until we are out of questions (4:00 p.m.?), Mike Dicely will present "Prepare to Win: Chassis Set-Up Seminar". Learn beginner basics as well as advanced topics in all areas of chassis set-up. There will be plenty of...

  • Illinois Micro Speedweek

    12/31/1899 -

    This just in from Mike Dicely who is racing at the Illinois Speedweek. Last night at Wayne County, Joe B. Miller won the Winged Outlaw and James Morris won the Wingless Outlaw Feature. Two Hypers in victory lane, way to go! Tonight's racing...

  • Rhode Island Race

    12/31/1899 -

    The Hyper Racing Parts trailer will not be at Rhode Island. Lou Ciconni is taking the house car. Tim Jedrzejek will be driving the 44. I will be with my family in Boston Thursday and Friday celebrating my parents 50th weding aniversery along with my sister who lives in RI. We will be at the race on Saturady and Sunday as a pit crew.

  • Free Stagger Tape!

    12/31/1899 -

    Free Stagger Tape! For one week you can get a free tape measure...

  • Aplinestars Race Gloves, Help me!

    12/31/1899 -

    Help me! Which would you be most likely to purchase? I am getting ready to place my stocking order for a new product line, Alpinestars. I have been wearing these products for the last year, and I have never had a product so superior, both in performance and longevity. Please jump over to our Facebook page to take our survey. Thank you

  • Hyper Racing is Hiring!

    12/31/1899 -

    Office Assistant- Part Time
    Job Overview:
    Our shipping department is pleasantly overwhelmed with orders and servicing our customers with...

  • Get a Discount

    12/31/1899 -

    $10 Off Any Online Order of $100 or More
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  • Weather Closing February 5

    12/31/1899 -

    Hyper Racing is currently closed due to ice storms

  • PDX5

    12/31/1899 -

    UPDATE October 24, 2011      The R&D chassis is being called the PDX5 (Panhard...Dirt...X5 Generation Hyper Chassis). We have built 4 to date as a limited production test sample. The first car was mine (Mike Dicely). I had some success, but I like to experiment too much, hurting myself many times while helping myself only a few, but hey...that is my job. The second car went to Jackson Michigan to race on a small slick track, that car driven by Brain Slusarski won 10 races and the Point Championship...

  • Cyber Monday! Winter Rebuild Sale

    12/31/1899 -

    Now through November 30, 2013, you can save a boat load of money. Here is the official sale flyer.
    Click for more information....

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