• New Roller Wing Post

    7/11/2011 -

    The new wing post is now available.

    At Hyper, we don't follow others on the track, nor do we follow in product development. We innovate, we lead, we perfect. Our soon to be released Roller Wing Post is the latest example. The problem with normal wing posts for internal slider wings, as well as steel roller bearing posts, is that they beat up or gall the aluminum internal runners. Our design is the first to truly solve this problem. It uses nylon rollers (not steel bea...

  • PA Speedweek Results

    7/5/2011 -

    Hyper Racing is very blessed to have won all 6 Speedweek races and the point championship. We could not thank all of our customers, drivers, and crew chiefs enough. They make our product look so good.

    Congratulations to the Speedweek winners Mike Rutherford, Jeff Hartman, Ryan Greth, Tyler Walton, Tyler Walton again, big money man Shane Lewis, and point champion Jeff Hartman.

    Now excuse me while I try to adjust to life without adrenaline flowing through  my veins every night.

  • If I Pay Attention

    7/3/2011 -

    If I pay attention, life always has lessons to teach me. Life lessons during speedweek are no exception. After crashing during the feature race at Susquehanna Speedway, while still on the track, I let the driver I thought was at fault know my frustration. The video showed...

  • 2012 Catalog

    6/30/2011 -

    Our 2012 Catalog is printed. I will have catalogs at the remaining speedweek races to hand out. The bulk mailing will go out next week. You may also stop by the shop to pick one up, or request one to go in your UPS order.

    Update! The catalog is mailed, you have received one by now, if you did not, please email Christy.

  • Race 3 of PA Speedweek Complete

    6/28/2011 -

    After the first three race of the 2011 edition of PA speedweek, Hypers have won all three. Mike Rutherford won Trail-Way, Jeff Hartman won Lincoln, and Ryan Greth won Path Valley on Monday. Jeff Hartman now leads the points with three solid finishes. The racing has been intense.

  • New Digital Tachometer

    6/21/2011 -

    This digital tach does more than just RPMs.
    -Digital Tachometer up 20,000 rpms
    -High RPM Recal
    -Programmable shift light
    -Water temperature display with sensor

  • Australian Team Here for Speed Week

    6/19/2011 -

    Our Australian dealer and founder of Hyper Racing Australia Dave Hedington and his driver Jason Pryde will be joining us for speed week. Dave is arriving June 20th, just enough time to assemble a new Hyper for the week of racing. He will be working out of the Hyper rig. If you see them, give them a warm welcome and enjoy their presence.

    Dave was the Australian that helped me out so much when I went to AU to race their speed week in 2008, I am thankful I get to return the favor.

  • 2012 Hyper Catalog Finished

    6/8/2011 -

    The new Hyper Racing Catalog is finished. And so is Christy. This years product guide features many new items and lowered prices. Please click on the cover to the right to download. Hit save to save a copy to your desktop for quick viewing at anytime.

    The bulk mailing will go out in a couple weeks, it is at the printers now. If you are not on our mailing list and would like to receive a hard copy, please click here.

    Update! The catalog is mailed, you have received one by now, if you did not, please email Christy.

  • Caleb Martin 5 for 5

    5/16/2011 -

    Caleb Martin is now 5 for 5 in his 2011 Jacob's Ladder Hyper. With wins at Royal Purple Raceway, Gulf Coast Speedway, Cowtown and Golden Triangle Raceway Park, Caleb is a happy man. The race at Golden Triangle Raceway proved to be a real test for the Hyper on an extemly slick track. Caleb Martin is a heavy hitter in the ASCS2 EMSA Racin...

  • 2011-2012 Hyper Catalog

    5/9/2011 -

    Printed Catalog
    We are currently out of the 2010 printed catalogs, Christy is working hard on getting the 2011-2012 catalog completed. They are scheduled to be printed on June 18th and in your mailbox on or before June 24th. Yes, strategically planned for release just before the PA 600 Speedweek.

    If you ordered from us in the last year, you will automatically have one shipped to your last mailing address. If you are not on the mailing list and would like to receive one, please email Christy.

  • Love Wins

    5/2/2011 -

    As many of you know I am a huge Rob Bell follower and a firm believer in his teachings. I just got done reading his new book "Love Wins". A book about heaven, hell, and the fate of every person who ever lived. Rob Bell addresses one of the most controversial issues of faith—the afterlife—arguing, would a loving God send people to eternal torment forever…? Rob’s incredible...

  • Liam Williams Wins National Title

    5/2/2011 -

    Last weekend Liam Williams won the Formula 500 (600 Sprint) Australian National Title. This is by far the biggest race in Australia. Every top racer in the country was at the event. It is a 3 day race with way too many qualifying races to talk about the format here. Liam definitely had to earn the right to start on the pole of the famed event as he continued to lead every lap.

  • Ben Murphy Wins USCS

    4/16/2011 -

    After helping to test the new Hyper Jacob's ladder car last year, John Murphy (father of Jake and Ben) made the switch to Hyper this off season. We knew we had a good thing.

    With Jake in England getting his masters degree and Ben in North Carolina working for Penske Racing, the race schedule will be limited.

    This weekend Ben dominately captured a USCS victory at

  • Lower Prices on Seats

    4/8/2011 -

    We just lowered our prices on our Ultra Shield seats. Full Containment seat is now $569.00 ! The cover is $159.00.

  • Several New Products to Announce

    4/6/2011 -

    A few new products to introduce...that's right, we never sleep.
    40-230 Torsion Bar Bushing Reamer
    77-060 AmsOil Synthetic Racing Grease
    80-675 Ultra Sonic Cleaner
    636-505 R6 Case Saver

  • Ryan Greth's Helmet

    4/3/2011 -

    While freezing at Greenwood Valley Action Track on Saturday night, I shot this pic of Ryan's helmet. He is a very cool cat with a very cool cap.

  • HBS Fuel Line & Fittings

    3/29/2011 -

    Our new HBS Fuel Line and Fittings are lightweight, super high quality, and real easy to assemble.

    See HBS Fittings & Line

  • Anti-Gravity Battery

    3/27/2011 -

    Ultra light weight 8-cell lithium Battery usually saves 5 pounds over regular batteries. It will be the cheapest 5 pounds you ever lost. Part number 600-723

    These batteries are ultra compact, up to 2.5 times the cranking amps of a lead battery...

  • HBS Steering Wheel

    3/24/2011 -

    Lightweight, 2-1/2" dished design, this is the perfect micro/mini sprint steering wheel.


  • Lightweight Seat Belts

    3/24/2011 -

    Not only are they lightweight, they are the best quality seat belts available. Guess what, you can actually adjust them without two people!


  • '08 -'11 GSXR 600

    3/22/2011 -

    Ryan Greth (our #1 FIT technician) is going to run a 2010 GSXR 600 to start the year. He is running our new Perfect FIT Fuel Injection.

    This engine put out 134 HP and...

  • Lower Price on Walbro Fuel Pump

    3/19/2011 -

    We just lowered our price on our Walbro Fuel Pump. They were $149.00. Now priced at $129.00.

  • Charlie Brown Wins State Title

    3/18/2011 -

    In Hyper land down under, Charlie Brown added another state victory to his incredible season capturing the big race last weekend at Laang Speedway. Charlie started 6th in the stacked field, he took the lead on lap 19 and never looked back.

    In Australia, they have several rounds of heat races...

  • Bore and Stroke Gauge

    3/14/2011 -

    We now stock the famous Barry Dicely-made Bore Gauge and Stroke Gauge. Designed as tech tools to measure the displacement of an engine by only removing the spark plug in a micro sprint or mini sprint, these products are also fun just to look at.
    80-700 & 80-705

  • LOWER Prices on Wheels!

    3/12/2011 -

    We have lowered our pricing on all of our micro/mini sprint wheels, some are as much as 25% lower than before. Both Keizer and Weld brands have been changed. Wheels page.

  • New HBS 5-Switch Panel

    3/9/2011 -

    More customers are running a fan and a MyChron or they like to put the pump on its own switch. The demand for a 5th switch was high, so we delivered. Here is our new HBS 5-Switch Panel, black anodized and laser etched. These are a beautiful sight. Part Number 608-002.

  • Master Cylinder Return Spring

    3/9/2011 -

    Master Cylinder Return Spring Kit is made to keep the driver from burning the brakes off the car.

    Part number 36-030.

  • 6-Hole Nose Wing Strap

    3/9/2011 -

    We developed a new nose wing strap for our 2011 chassis. But this 6-Hole Nose Wing Strap will allow for more height position adjustments for any chassis.

    Part number 30-1216.

  • Stylin' Chain Guard

    3/9/2011 -

    Another part HBS-ized. This new chain guard is black anodized and laser etched.

    Part number 146-602.

  • Mounting Electronics

    3/4/2011 -

    This Heavy Duty Velcro is the best way we found to mount electronics. It is quick, easy and professional looking.

    Part number 80-120

  • HBS Panhard Bar Clamp

    3/3/2011 -

    Another seductive and righteously cool HBS component. This front panhard bar clamp has been redesigned for maximum weight loss while not sacrificing any strength.

    Part Number 04-160.

  • New Bronze Bushing for Spindles

    3/3/2011 -

    Our customers wanted a bushing that lasted longer, we listened. Here is a new Bronze Bushing 01-1255 for our deluxe and standard spindles. It is a direct replacement for the nylon bushing.

  • Free Hyper Racing Stagger Tape

    3/2/2011 -

    Get a free stagger tape with every online order. limit one per order, just add the stagger tape to your order and we will credit the charge at shipment. 80-002
    10' tape perfect for micro sprints and mini sprints.

  • Prepare to Win Seminar DVD

    3/2/2011 -

    The 2011 Prepare to Win Setup Seminar DVD in 480p wide screen is complete. This DVD is edited by Hyper Racing. This DVD is 2 hours in length and includes the following topics:

  • Harli White Wins Big Chill

    2/28/2011 -

    Harli White from Lindsay, OK wins the Big Chill ASCS2 opener at Cowtown Speedway in Kennedale, TX. 49 of the big hitters were on hand, and our little Harli with a big right foot won the race. She had to pass two of the big guns to get the lead, and never looked back. You can read more about Harli White in her micro sprint/mini sprint here or read her testimony on our site here. Here is an in car You Tube Video:

  • Congrats to Brett O'Donnell

    2/23/2011 -

    Congratulations to Brett O'Donnell on winnging the big final race in the Florida Mini Sprints speedweek series. He had to pass some good cars to do it. We thank you Brett for choosing Hyper as your chassis.

  • Taking Orders Now for 2011 Asphalt Car

    2/15/2011 -

    The demand has been so great for the Asphalt car, that we have decided to build a limited run of them. They will be styled exactly like the one driven by Ryan Greth in AC and Ryan Smith in RI.

  • Fun in the Sun

    2/13/2011 -

    Good luck to everyone racing at East Bay in Florida. Many PA guys are there. Hyper Racing's own Ryan Greth and Heath Hehnly will be there. Ryan finished 2nd on 2/13/11. 

  • Hyper Logo Downloads

    2/9/2011 -

    Looking for our logo to put on your race car? All of Hyper's logos are available for download right off our website.  Just go to About Hyper then Logo Downloads.

  • Check Out the Hyper Asphalt Car

    2/6/2011 -

    The Hyper Racing Asphalt machine has drawn a lot of attention in the last two weeks. This unique design chassis has been specifically built to run asphalt. Ryan Greth drove it at Atlantic City, NJ, and then Ryan Smith took the wheel at in Providence, RI. The pictures say it all.

  • Free T-Shirt

    2/4/2011 -

    THIS OFFER HAS ENDED. For a limited time, receive a free Hyper Racing Edge T-Shirt with an online order of $50.00 or more. Just add the T-shirt to the cart and select the size in the options. One per order, one per customer.

  • Welcome to the New hyperracing.com!

    1/28/2011 -

    A milestone has been reach in the evolution of Hyper Racing. The launch of this new website will be the vehicle that will launch us and carry us into the future. Please explore it's every corner, knowledge and information ooze from its being.

  • 2011 Prepare to Win Seminar Saturday, February 12

    1/28/2011 -

    On Saturday, February 12, 2011 from 9:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m., Mike Dicely will present "Prepare to Win: Chassis Set-Up Seminar". Reserve your ticket now. Tickets are just $10.00 each for Hyper Owners and $25.00 for Non-Hyper Owners.

  • Congrats Ryan Smith

    1/3/2011 -

    Congrats Ryan Smith on getting Hyper its first win in 2011 by winning the Rumble in Fort Wayne, IN. This is an annual race on asphalt and Ryan has won it two years in a row now in his Hyper slightly modified dirt car owned by Jason VanDoren.

  • Ryan Morris, A Hyper Quarter Midget Champion

    12/23/2010 -

    It’s another Points Championship for Hyper’s Quarter Midget House driver, Ryan Morris! Ryan has won the Points Championship in Light 160 & Senior Honda classes at Honeybrook Raceway (asphalt) for the past 2 years.

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