Chassis Squaring Kit

March 01, 2014

Straight off the CNC, this new chassis squaring kit for 600's and 270's is still hot!
This kit will very accurately and easily square the axles, set toe, measure wheel base, and block the axle to set turns.

What sets this system apart is the ability to square the axles with the car at a simulated ride heights. As the car tilts and pitches, the axles change their position, these blocks and plates will allow you to simulate that so you can square your axles in the same position the car is when it is on the track.

The front plates bolt onto your front hubs, the rear blocks (right side is higher to simulate stagger) hold the rear axle on the gold spacers that take the place of the rear wheel centers. The adjustable setup blocks, set at different heights to simulate wedge and pitch, go between the bottom frame rail and the ground.

There are different gold spacers, one set for a 1-3/4" rear axle and a different set for a 2" rear axle.

A special machined rod slides perfectly into the hollow 7/8 rear torsion bar to provide an accurate and easy line to measure off of to square the rear axle. If your car has solid bars you will need to measure from the frame rack itself.

Front plates and rear squaring blocks have a slot machined in exactly locating the center of the axles. Just hook the included 72" tape measure on the slot and measure to the other axle to extremely accurately determine the wheelbase. No more calculators!

The front plates also provide an easy way to measure toe. Simply hook the tape measure onto the backside of the one plate and measure over to the backside of the opposite plate. Repeat on the front side and the difference is the toe. All done simply and accurately with one person.

There are two kits:

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