At Hyper Racing we take great pride in our product line. We hand select our product vendors, choosing only the companies that have the highest quality and best performing products available. We do not take short cuts. Brands like Wilwood, Tilton, Weld, Simpson, and ARS, to name a few, as well as our own HBS machined components have been selected because they have been proven for their performance, availability and style. These components enable the Hyper Micro Sprint/Mini Sprint Chassis to last a long time, provide the ultimate in performance, and keep the resale value high.

We have created here a complete online shopping system that will:

  • Educate you on our parts, supplying knowledge that will help you make the right decision and purchase the parts that meet your needs.
    • Use all the information available to educate yourself about the product your are purchasing.
      • 3D views
      • PDF documents
      • Multiple view pictures
  • Enable you to find the parts you need fast and simply.
    • Utilize the search function in the upper left in the store pages
    • Follow the class and category listings.
  • Help you customize an assembly to match your needs.
  • Allow you to specify options on assemblies, for example, front axle assemblies, rear axle assemblies, chassis kits, and many many more