Changes to the Website

December 17, 2011

You will notice several upgrades to We are never satisfied, we can always get better. Here is the short list of changes.

  • Site wide search is available on every page, it will search both the content of all the pages as well as the store. There is even a site search on the bottom of the home page.
  • Promotion Manager: We can now offer promo codes for you to use to receive special discounts and deals when you order online. We will be using this a lot in the future, stay tuned. To get on the email list to receive these offers, sign up for our email blasts. No, we never give out your email to anyone for any reason. Here is the sign up.
  • The online store now has a lot of new fly outs when your mouse hovers over the classes and categories. This will speed up your navigation through the store.
  • There is now a users gallery listed under the Community/Forums/User Galleries. This is for everyone to use to show off your car or other exciting stuff. You will have to add the photos in the forums under albums once you are logged in. Once you create an album, it will show up in the users galleries. This needs to be cleaned up a bit and we are working on that.
  • Of course we now have the Gift Card deal setup so you can purchase instant gift cards online and redeem them online as well.
  • You will now see Facebook "Like" buttons on every product and website page. If you like something, please tell your friends on Facebook about it. News articles also now include Twitter and other social media options.
  • Hyper Racing now has a Facebook fan page that I am posting on quite a bit. You can access it at  Please become a fan of the page to receive the latest posts. 1 out of every 7 people in the world are now on Facebook...amazing.
  • In the cart of the store, you can now just enter Hyper part numbers and they will be added to the cart. For those of you that live and die by part numbers from the catalog, you can now create an order in seconds.
  • As you are shopping, the pages will now show the latest items viewed in a strip across the bottom.
  • You can now email a copy of your shopping cart to yourself, or someone else. If you are not ready to order your cart, email it and then just enter part numbers later.
  • May of our items have options associated with them. These options can now be updated once you add the item to the cart by clicking the Edit Options link.

Did I forget anything? I am truly excited about all these changes and how it will make our website a great experience for everyone, please stay awhile and enjoy all we offer.

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