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  • 2018 Prepare to Win Chassis Set-Up Seminar Series

    Prepare to Win
    Chassis Set-Up Seminar Series

    Presented by Mike Dicely and the Hyper Racing Team

    This year we have two options for attending our popular seminar!
    Can't make it in person? Purchase our Pay-Per-View and
    watch it on your own terms.

  • Evo Fuel Injection

    The Hyper EVO electronic fuel injection system is an evolutionary step in 600cc fuel injection systems. The extended length power tower throttle bodies replace the stock factory throttle bodies. The extra length, shape, and volume of the Hyper Racing exclusive power tower is the secrete to the increased low end torque and horsepower.

  • MPI Steering Wheels

    Hyper Racing is proud to partner with Maz Papis Innovations (MPI) in order to bring you the world's finest Steering wheels. All MPI wheels are designed and engineered in the USA and built in ITALY using the latest steering wheel technology and state of the art materials.